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Reach and Teach Every Child And Save Your Time

Millions of teachers already use interactive whiteboards to augment their teaching and improve student outcomes. Now the efficacy of the JUMP Math Teacher's Guide lessons (Canada: grades 1-8 | USA: grades 1-8) is being amplified by the power and convenience of interactive whiteboard software. 

For every JUMP Math lesson plan there is a perfectly aligned interactive whiteboard file, complete with teacher prompts, sample questions, drawings, extensions, activities and bonus questions. 

Further, the JUMP Math SMART Lesson Materials integrate the many exciting and interactive tools and options inherent to this technology, while maintaining perfect alignment with the JUMP Math philosophy and publications. In keeping with the JUMP Math philosophy, colour, artwork and other distracting features have been kept to a minimum. 

Using interactive whiteboard-ready lesson materials based directly on the JUMP Math lesson plans reduces lesson preparation times, enabling teachers to devote more time and energy to reaching and teaching every child. 

Just what you've come to expect from JUMP Math - the power of potential: multiplied!

About JUMP Math

JUMP Math is a system of learning based on the fundamental belief that every child can learn math, every teacher can teach math, and both can love it – the Ethos of Ability. JUMP calls its instructional approach Guided Discovery. In simple terms, it combines the following elements which are key to its success:

  • •  Recognition that psychological issues are as important as the curriculum itself
  • •  Extensive review to ensure students have mastered concepts before moving forward to new concepts
  • •  Rigorous and extensive “scaffolding” of the mathematical concepts – breaking down each concept into small steps to ensure students are not overwhelmed and to enable them to develop a deep understanding of the building blocks of math, before layering on additional complexity
  • •  Development of problem solving skills
  • •  Spare language and minimum visual clutter in lesson plan materials and student materials
  • •  Frequent assessment built into lesson plans to make it easy for teachers to pinpoint and address misunderstandings in real time
  • •  Detailed lesson plans designed by doctorate level mathematicians for use by all teachers; from those who have limited backgrounds in math and are often math-phobic to master teachers


Get JUMP Math Digital Lesson Slides
Canadian Edition | US Edition